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Nutronics India has introduced 'Custom Built Industrial Communication Displays' (ANDON) in Indian Industries. These systems have been well accepted as an effective management tool in industries. These systems are used in all types of industries for various applications. The main purpose of the system is to provide production related online information on the shop floor to initialize appropriate action by the concerned person to achieve the target. The system also communicates important messages viz. welfare message, awareness messages and greetings to all concerned within no time.
  • To display 'Production Target & Actual' Figures per shift / day / month on the shop floor.
  • To display "Dispatch" quantities in the stores.
  • To give "Material Shortage Alert".
  • To give "Maintenance Call Alert".
  • To display "No of Interruptions " and "Total Time Loss" in production.
  • To display "Accident Free Man Hours".
  • To display "Cumulative Data".
  • Numeric Digital Display : 1", 2", 4", 6", 8", 9", 12", 24", & 36" High
  • Alphanumeric Characters : 3.2", 4.8", 6.4", 8", 9.6", 16", 24" & 32" high
  • Any Combination of Numeric and Alphanumeric Information
  • Backlit displays with computer cut vinyl stickers on white acrylic / PVC foam for fixed messages.
  • High bright and high intensity LED display Modules and discrete LED type Digits
  • Very low power consumption
  • 230 Volts, mains operated
  • Imported acrylic / Perspex sheet on front side to improve the visibility and aesthetics.
  • Mild steel fabricated, powder coated or stoving enamel painted cabinet with hanging or wall mounting arrangement
  • Modular type construction
  • Accepts C.S.V., Text files. Specify Baud, Data, Parity and stop bits
  • RS 232 interface for 1:1 communication i.e. PC and Display (Distance : 35 Meters max.)
  • RS 485 for multidrop and for long distance communication (Distance : 1200 Meters max.)
  • Data entry through variety of inputs of their combinations viz.
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